At Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing we aim to provide the best car cleaning and detailing services at your home or workplace. No matter the size of the car, from a small hatch to a large 4×4, we can cater to all.

Your car is an asset, just like your house. Keeping your car in good condition can help retain its value and give you that great feeling of driving a shiny clean car; just like it was new.

Whether you are requiring a one-off clean, an ongoing maintenance program or for a fleet, we can find a plan and price to suit.

We are a family owned business and pride ourselves to look after our customers’s car as it was our own. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect to our business. Before taking payment, we encourage our customers to inspect the work and ensure it as per the package chosen and all the work is to their expectation. If not, then we will always attempt to rectify if possible.

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