Car Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Backed by chemical research and real-world observations, Rapid applies multi-layered coating films that offer unfaltering protection against fading, oxidation, water staining, bug strikes and high salt scenarios. It’s our super high gloss finish that adds new elements of safety against scratches that make maintenance more seamless for you.

The best ceramic coat car protection for cars should deliver value through longevity and that’s exactly what you’ll experience at Rapid Car Detailing.

  • SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE : Achieve effortless results with minimal maintenance. Ceramic coating for cars makes washing and drying a breeze, even when the goal is flawlessness.

  • PROTECTION AGAINST : Paint protection creates a sacrificial layer on your vehicle that minimises harm from contamination such as bug strikes and water droplets.

  • A LASTING, BRILLIANT SHINE : Car ceramic coating is celebrated for its ability to maintain an incomparable shine for longer. It will leave your car looking showroom-fresh.

Paint Protection

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